You can show appreciation for the service of Vietnam veterans by helping us tell the story that must be told!

All donations are tax deductible and are made
directly to our independent Fiscal Sponsor, Foundation For Louisiana, a non-profit foundation that will accept all our donated funds and disperse them based on a previously approved budget of expenses. No donated funds will go to Dr. Dawley as he has freely donated his time and effort in this documentary plus having personally paid some of the production cost. All donated funds will be used to pay off its production costs and further its distribution .

Time Limited Special Offer To Vietnam Veterans Of America Chapters
For a limited period of time Vietnam Veterans Of America (VVA) Chapters can submit a group photo of their membership along with , name, number and location of their Chapter and we will add it to our documentary. There is no fee for this insertion but for those able to do so, a $750 donation to help pay its production costs as well as its further distribution will be greatly appreciated (includes 10 free DVD’s of documentary worth $250)

Donation Form For Your Veteran’s Organizations

Group Photo to be included the LOST HOMECOMING Documentary

_________________________________ ________ ___________ Print Name Of Your Chapter Name Number Location

____________________________________ ___________ ______ Chapter mailing address City State

_________________________________________________ Print your name and position

_________________________________________________ Phone number

_________________________________________________E-mail address

How To Send Submit Your Group Photo To Us And Your Optional Donation To Our Fiscal Sponsor

Step 1: Print Out and complete this form.

Step 2: Is your Chapter able to make a $750 donation (includes 10 free DVD’s of documentary worth $249) to help cover our production costs? ___Yes ___No

Step 3: If you are submitting a group photo for inclusion in our documentary, please copy this completed form and attach it and your digital group photo to an e-mail and send to me at

Step 4: Complete form and keep a copy

Step 5: If Your Group Can Donate To Help Pay Production Costs of our documentary MAIL THIS FORM WITH YOUR CHECK/MONEY ORDER TO:

Foundation For Louisiana
4354 South Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite 100, Baton Rouge, LA 70816.

For questions or more information contact Harold Dawley directly at 228-437-4210 or



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