Sobering Facts On The Vietnam War

January 27, 2022by Harold Dawley0

Ponder this – 58,220 Americans died fighting for us in Vietnam. Another 304,000 American were wounded. Even as recent as 2018, 1601 Americans were still unaccounted for! Yet some Vietnam veterans returning home were met by antiwar protesters who mistakenly blamed them for the unpopular war. Many Vietnam veterans did not receive the homecoming of those that served in WWI and WWII. Vietnam veterans put their life on the lines answering our Country’s call to serve in time of war and too many were met with unwarranted criticism.

As a retired Veterans Affairs psychologist I evaluated a number of Vietnam veterans who shared their bitterness over the negative way they were treated coming. I never forgot their stories and in 2018 I produced what I believe to be the first and only documentary to primarily focus on the negative homecoming of some Vietnam veterans. The documentary has aired multiple times on the local PBS station near where I live.

We need to thank our Vietnam veterans for fighting in an unpopular war. Click on the link below and listen to what Vietnam veterans had to say about their homecoming.

Harold Dawley, Ph.D.

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