The Lost Homecoming – When Our Vietnam Veterans Came Home

January 27, 2022by Harold Dawley1

Harold Dawley, Ph.D.

I’m concerned that not enough of us realize the poor homecoming many Vietnam veterans received when they returned from Vietnam. Most of us think of warm homecomings such as what we saw at the end of WWII but it was a vastly different homecoming many Vietnam veterans received. The problem was the American public gradually turned against the Vietnam war and vented their frustration on returning veterans from that war. As a retired VA psychologist, I had the honor of evaluating some of these Vietnam veterans who voiced their anger, hurt, and bitterness over the negative way they were treated coming home. Years after I retired from the VA, I kept thinking about the negative homecoming many Vietnam veterans received. It was a story I felt needed to be told.

In 2018, I produced the documentary “Lost Homecoming – When Our Vietnam Veterans Came Home” and it has since aired multiple times on the New Orleans PBS station WYES. In it we interview a large number of Vietnam veterans who shared their negative homecoming. On a more positive note we showed how the nearby small Mississippi town of Pass christian came together and provided a welcome home event for their Vietnam veterans. It was a positive event well attended and appreciated by the large number of Vietnam veterans who participated in it.

Sadly, not enough communities have welcomed home their Vietnam veterans. The good new is it is not too late to do so. Click on the attached link and enjoy The Lost Homecoming documentary to see how your community can welcome home its Vietnam veterans.

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  • rhinopm

    February 18, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    Thank you Mr. Dawley – I appreciate everything you do!


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