About us

Producer/Director: Harold H. Dawley Jr., Ph.D.,  is a retired clinical psychologist and former self-help book publisher. He spent twenty years on the staff of the New Orleans Veterans Affairs Medical Center where he served as Chief of the Psychiatry Service Day Hospital and Day Treatment programs.

Co-Director/Editor/Cinematography Associate Producer: Lenny Delbert: Lenny is the president of Pan Am Communications in New Orleans, Louisiana, a film production company.

Production Director/Associate Producer: Paul Combel Paul worked as lead cameraman for the PBS station WYES-TV in New Orleans and serves as the Production Director and Associate Producer on this documentary.

Administrative Assistant: Linda Dawley, Ph.D.: Dr. Linda Dawley serves as administrative assistant in coordinating the activities  involved in producing the documentary.

Media Archivist: Bonnie G. Rowan. Bonnie is a nationally recognized media archivist who has been involved in over 400 documentaries. She has experience in Vietnam war related documentaries and is  qualified in acquiring relevant archival footage for our documentary.

Researcher Coordinator: Marilyn Goodrich, Ph.D. D.P.H. Dr. Goodrich is a clinical psychologist and epidemiologist and serves as research coordinator for our documentary.


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